Service and call out prices (Note, these do not include cleaning, dirty bikes will incur a £10 cleaning charge!). I'm afraid I currently only take payment by BACs (bank details will be on your invoice) or by paypal to @polkadotcycles

Basic service (2022): £40

Visual safety check of frame, forks, wheels, tyres and handlebars. Hubs, pedals and bottom bracket checked, lubricated and set if needed. Chain checked for wear and lubricated. Headset examined and lubricated/adjusted if required. Brakes checked for wear and smooth operation and adjusted if required. Gears checked for operation and adjusted if required. Torque settings checked. Road test. Any service parts required will be fitted at cost plus a small labour charge depending on complexity but typically £5-15 per item. Multiple parts will be fitted at a modest discount.

Major service: £150 plus parts (typically chain, bar tape, cables and pads).

(typically chain, bar tape, cable inner and outer, pads, hydraulic fluid etc.). The bike stripped into major components and safety checked as above. In addition wheels trued and spoke tensions checked (against builder’s data if available). Derailleurs removed and ultrasonically cleaned. All bearings checked, cleaned and greased; new bearings fitted if required. Hydraulic systems checked and fluid changed if necessary. Pads changed unless unworn and callipers centred. Bike rebuilt with new bar tape and cables. Road test.

Recommissioning: £p.o.a

The rusty wreck in your shed might be able to be returned to a usable condition. I will look at any bike and appraise you of the cost effectiveness of such work.

Call Out: £15 plus repair costs

If you’re stuck out of town and at a reasonable distance (around 10 miles) I am prepared to come and assist. There are limits to what I can do beside the road, and to the time of day at which I am prepared to travel.

Finally, I am capable of a lot of things, but I cannot turn sow’s ears into silk purses!

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